Solar Storms and NASA Warnings

Nancy Lieder-Radio Analyst/Commentator

NASA recently stunned the world when it warned that massive solar storms would hit the Earth with potentially cataclysmic consequences by 2013.

Are these immanent warnings meant to prepare the world for a radioactive blast from the sun, or rather in anticipation of more catastrophic events to take place from a rogue planet the size of Jupiter that is said to be moving slowly through our solar system?

As the world continues to warm our climate is dramatically changing, earthquake and volcanic activity is on the rise, and the polar ice caps and glaciers appear to be melting at a rapid pace. What do these unprecedented modern day events mean for the future of our planet and its inhabitants? Can mankind survive what’s coming?

Tune in as radio and internet commentator-Nancy Lieder explains her reasons for these disturbing and perplexing planetary and solar events, and what we should all be doing to prepare for the troubling times that many fear will happen.

Nancy Lieder is an alien contactee and emissary. For more than a decade she has led the campaign to inform and prepare the public about the passage of the “Planet X”, and to quell the controversy surrounding the existence of the rogue planet.

Nancy is a well known radio commentator and webmaster with a global following. She was featured in the April 2001 edition of Art Bell’s After Dark magazine, predited pole shifts, and appeared on the Coast to Coast radio show and Out There TV . Nancy also hosted a weekly radio spot called “The Connection” on BBS Radio

ZetaTalk which debuted in 1995, has a well documented track record of earth changes while “Troubled Times” (a non-profit organization) has become a leading authority to offering solutions for surviving the predicted pole shift.

Earth Frenzy Radio Episode: August 17, 2010

Mp3 Audio Download

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Direct Answers from the Zeta Reticuli People

The Zeta Report

Nancy Lieder Website-Zetatalk


“Sensational Talk Radio for the Internet”


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