Exploring the Spiritual World

Acclaimed Psychic Lousie Ungro explores the world of ghosts, apparitions and extra-terrestrials

Acclaimed Psychic Louise Ungro, explores the world of ghosts, apparitions and extra-terrestrials

Have you bumped into something that seems so bizarre or unbelievable, yet, you know you are certain it did arise? You are seeking for an explanation but no matter how much you have tried, you could not hit upon any answer? Even science could not have it explicated.

Louise Ungro is the most extraordinary channel of our time! She’s compared favorably to famous spirit channels and healers such as, Arthur Ford, Sybil Leek, Edgar Cayce and Jean Dixon to name a few. Her channeling information appears in vivid scenes at the same time she hears her cosmic guidance speak. Her communications are often from Beings of Light and Archangels combined with her strong Catholic belief in God’s workings to help all people. She was the first psychic medium and pet communicator pioneer to offer a free reading with accurate information on the internet in the early 1990’s! She is a favored radio guest on national network talk radio, internet and blog radio shows where her answers astound callers and hosts with information only they know to be true. Her readings and expertise paranormal subjects in interviews are extensive on internet radio, which has continued to grow a formidable reputation and following internationally. She changed the way people get personal readings in the media and on the phone, she assists in finding people and pets, communicates to the other side anywhere in the world!

Louise was featured in the premier edition of the internationally known pet distributor’s magazine “Pet Product News” where her pet predictions were highlighted for 2004. She had her own psychic and paranormal talk show for years as well. Louise was monthly columnist for her “Ask the Pet Psychic” and “The Petascope Report” in “Loving Pets Magazine” again, ahead of her time. She is often featured on local television shows such as the Pat McMahon Show channel 13, Fox 10 News, The Jeanine Ford Show, etc…

Much written about, she is documented in, “Akashic Who’s Who of Psychics, Healers And More” by author and producer, Victoria Lynn Weston, it was an immediately hit and on the New York Times 10 bestseller list two years in a row, proving to be the most popular psychic resource.

Earth Frenzy Radio Episode:  March 30,  2010

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Louise is also featured as one of the top 10 psychics in this country for accuracy and dedication at Select Psychics

Her website and services are found at Louise Ungro-Psychic Medium


“Sensational Talk Radio for the Internet”


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