Climate Catastrophe

Heidi Cullen-Climatologist/Enivronmental Journalist

With much of the east coast smothered in a heat wave this July, it should come as no surprise that 2010 is well on its way to being the hottest year on record.  The warming trend that many climate change skeptics felt had been disrupted by a snowy winter is clearly back in a big way, which begs the question, is this the forecast we can expect from now on? 

Heidi Cullen, one of America’s leading climatologists and environmental journalists, has the answers.  In her groundbreaking new book, THE WEATHER OF THE FUTURE: Heat Waves, Extreme Storms, and Other Scenes from a Climate-Changed Planet (Harper; August 3rd), she provides a fascinating and instructive look at how our world will look in 2050 if the current levels of carbon emissions are maintained.

Cullen’s provocative book offers new insight into the issue of climate change and demonstrates that it is not merely a phenomenon that will affect future generations, but one that is occurring right now in the very places where we live and work.

Her engrossing and accessible work illustrates that climate change is a serious issue that impacts humans all across the world, including in our own backyards.

Heidi Cullen is interim CEO and lead correspondent for Climate Central. Prior to that, she was the climate expert and correspondent for The Weather Channel where she helped start Forecast Earth, the first weekly program on climate change and the environment. Before joining The Weather Channel she worked as a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. She received a B.Sc. in engineering and operations research from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in climatology and ocean-atmosphere dynamics from Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. She was awarded the 2008 National Conservation Achievement Award for science by the National Wildlife Federation

Earth Frenzy Radio Episode:  September 8, 2010

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Heat Waves, Extreme Storms, and Other Scenes from a Climate-Changed Planet

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A Spiritual Awakening

Best selling author-Dani Shapiro, unveils her newest book "Devotion: A Memoir"

Forty something Dani Shapiro was leading a seemingly idyllic life-she had a wonderful child, a husband who adored her and a thriving writing career. So why was she waking up panicked in the middle of the night? Raised in a deeply religious home, Dani had fled all that at the earliest opportunity.

But then when she was in mid-life her young son asked “Do you believe in God? Or heaven? What happens when we die?” Dani realized that she had no answers for her son, and was failing him. So she embarked on a two year quest to figure out what she actually believed. She didn’t go to India, or Tibet, or Thailand-she simply looked in her own backyard for answers to life’s deepest questions.

Best Selling Author Dani Shapiro will discuss five important lessons that will help us find meaning in today’s world, which she now shares in her new book “Devotion: A Memoir”

About Dani Shapiro

Dani Shapiro is the author of five novels and the best-selling memoir Slow Motion. She has also written for magazines such as the New Yorker, The Oprah Magazine, Vogue, and ELLE. Her most recent memoir is entitled Devotion, and describes how we can rediscover the true meaning of life in the midst of a spiritual crisis. The book was just published by Harper Collins.

Shapiro has also written for the screen, having adapted Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince for HBO in 1999. In 2000, she co-wrote a screenplay based on her memoir, Slow Motion, with her husband, journalist and screenwriter Michael Maren.

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The Return of Maitreya

Renowned British Artist and Philosopher

On December 12, 2008-Share International distributed a news release to the world’s media announcing that in the very near future a large, bright star would appear in the sky, visible throughout the world both night and day.

Since early January 2009, sightings of the star began to be reported from Brazil, Norway, Britain, the United States, South Korea, and Japan, with more and more sightings being sent to Share International daily.

Hundreds of videos of the star are showing up on YouTube, newspaper reports about an unusual object in the sky have appeared in some newspapers, and blogs are appearing on the Internet asking what it could be.

Join us for an intellectual and spiritual conversation with Benjamin Creme, a renowned British Artist and Esoteric Philosopher, as he describes his role as the messenger for the emergence of Maitreya,the World Teacher.

About Benjamin Creme

Benjamin Creme, a British artist and long-time student of esoteric philosophy, has become the principal source of information about the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher.

Creme’s books on the reappearance of the Christ have been translated into seven languages and are published throughout the world by groups responding to his message. He is also co-editor of Share International, a monthly magazine that focuses on the political, economic, social and spiritual changes now occurring globally. The magazine is read in more than 70 countries. Benjamin Creme receives no payment for this work and makes no claims about his own spiritual status.

These facts, along with his authenticity, intelligence and humor, lend credibility to an otherwise incredible story, and prompt dozens of well-known broadcast personalities to agree with Canadian Broadcasting host/producer, Max Allen, who said: “The Maitreya story is important and Creme is an admirable spokesman.”

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1922, Benjamin Creme began studying art at an early age, developing into an accomplished painter in the modernist style.

He befriended and collaborated with many of the leading figures of the time in British art, music and literature. His paintings have been exhibited in a number of prestigious galleries.

Earth Frenzy Radio Episode: February 18, 2010

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Video: Benjamin Creme discusses the ‘star’ and the desire for some measure of public debate about the significance or meaning of the ‘star’.

Video: This interview (Part 1 of 4 )caused George Noory to become physically ill! Listen as Creme discloses that the heralding in of Maitreya is not by a star as he has proposed in the past, but rather this supposed star is a UFO that is five football fields in length.

Was it a UFO, an errant missile, a secret government project?

Photo Above: According to Benjamin Creme, chief editor of Share International magazine, this spectacular design was produced by an extra-terrestrial craft, in particular by one of the four ‘stars’ heralding an extraordinary and imminent world event. It is a sign of hope and wonder that, as Mr. Creme implies, is intended to engage the world’s attention.

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Preparing for Disaster

Matthew Stein-Author of "When Technology Fails"

The devastating earthquake in Haiti has shown our human vulnerability when disaster strikes; how nothing seems to work and how chaos rears its ugly head.

Matthew Stein, a leading authority on disaster preparedness for individuals and families,discusses ways in which people can prepare for major disasters by organizing a 72-Hour “Grab and Run” Survival Kit. Stein has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. He is the author of “When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability and Surviving the Long Emergency.”

Broadcast Date: January 28, 2010

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Matthew Stein is the author of the highly praised book When Technology Fails (Chelsea Green 2008) a comprehensive manual on sustainable living skills.

As the owner of Stein Design & Construction, he has built hurricane resistant, energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes. The mechanical engineering side of his firm specializes in product design and development.

Over the years he has designed consumer water filtration devices, photovoltaic roofing panels, medical bacteriological filters, emergency chemical drench systems, computer disk drives, automated machinery, and portable fiberglass buildings.

In recognition of his expertise, Stein has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and is a repeat guest on Fox News, Lionel, Coast-to-Coast AM, and the Thom Hartmann Show. He has also written several articles on the subject of sustainable living and is a guest columnist for the Huffington Post.

Stein is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he majored in Mechanical Engineering.

He is an active mountain climber and serves as a guide trainer for blind skiers with the Ski for Light cross-country program.

Stein currently resides with his wife Josie in the High Sierra Mountains near Lake Tahoe, California.


How to Survive Disasters

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Taking Woodstock

Elliot Tiber-Legendary Woodstock Hero

Before there was Woodstock, there was Elliot Tiber. Learn about the funny, touching, and true story of the man who enabled Woodstock to take place. It is also the personal story of one man who took stock of his life, his lifestyle, and his future. In short, Taking Woodstock is like no history of Woodstock you have ever read.

Elliot Tiber is an artist and screenwriter and was instrumental in getting the Woodstock Festival to be held in Bethel, New York in 1969. Tiber’s autobiography became a movie, Taking Woodstock, directed by Ang Lee and was released in 2009. Tiber was portrayed by Emmy-nominated comedian Demetri Martin, best known for his Comedy Central sketch show Important Things With Demetri Martin

He has been a professional creative writer for over thirty-five years. He has written and produced numerous award-winning plays and musical comedies for the theater, television, and films around the world. He was also dramaturge for the National Theater of Belgium. He was a semi-finalist in the Academy Awards for best film. As a professor of comedy writing and performance, he has taught at the New School University and Hunter College (CUNY) in New York City.

Mr. Tiber is also a best-selling author. His first novel, Rue Haute, was an instant bestseller in Europe, and was published in the US as an Avon Paperback under its English title, High Street. As a humorist, Elliot Tiber has appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS, CNBC, and 20/20, as well as on television shows in France, England, Tokyo, Moscow, and Berlin. Tiber has also performed his standup one-man show, Woodstock Daddy, for clubs, theaters, and TV. He currently resides in both New York City and California.

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The True Story of Woodstock and the Man who Made it Possible.DVD with Demetri Martin, Directed by Oscar Winner Ang Lee

Music ,Mayhem and Madness (The Woodstock Festival)

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